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Choose our type training course on AW139 (PWC PT6) Level III - EASA Part-66 & GCAA CAR 66 Cat B1.3 & B2

This course is perfectly suited for licensed technicians who are eager to advance their skills and increase their job prospects. As the global aviation industry continues to grow, it is predicted that the demand for skilled maintenance technicians will increase significantly. It is estimated that the world will need approximately 690,000 new maintenance technicians within the next two decades.

Given this surge in demand, obtaining additional licenses and endorsements, such as the AW139 course, can be a strategic move for technicians looking to remain competitive and broaden their career opportunities.

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Why to choose an endorsement on the AW139.

The global popularity of the AW139 helicopter suggests that an endorsement in this type can greatly benefit aircraft technicians. It can broaden their job prospects and offer specialized knowledge.

By 2021, nearly 1,200 units of the AW139 had been sold worldwide, with orders coming from various sectors due to its versatility. This success implies that an AW139 endorsement has value not only today, but also promises a sustained demand in the future.

As the number of AW139 fleets grows, so too will the demand for qualified technicians. An AW139 endorsement can help technicians meet this need, thereby boosting their competitiveness and fortifying their position in the market.

Source. Pilot & Technician Outlook 2022 - 2041 di Boeign
Source. Pilot & Technician Outlook 2023 - 2042 di Boeign

“The long-term forecast shows that 690,000 maintenance technicians will be needed to support the global commercial fleet over the next two decades. ”

Moreover, the helicopter has shown promising growth prospects with orders coming from various sectors including VIP/corporate transport, EMS/SAR, law enforcement, offshore, and utility missions. Its versatility and performance make it a highly sought-after aircraft for diverse operational requirements.

For licensed aircraft maintenance technicians, obtaining an endorsement in the AW139 helicopter is not just about capitalizing on its current popularity, but also recognizing its sustained demand in the years to come. This aircraft’s increasing presence in various industries, combined with its large and growing fleet, presents a substantial opportunity for technicians to enhance their skill set and become more competitive in the market.

How is our course structured?

The AW139 course for Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Technicians addresses the necessary fundamental skills for endorsement requests to the relevant Aviation Regulation Authority. This could be either the European Aviation Safety Authority (EASA) or the General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA).



Virtual classroom



on real aircraft in hangar.


Upon successful completion of the assessment, you will receive the appropriate Certificate of Recognition as per EASA Part-66 or GCAA Part 66, under the EASA or GCAA Part-147 approval of NEXT-AT.

What are technicians' opinions about the program?

We asked some technicians who participated in the Next-AT Aw139 Type Training Course to share their experiences.
Here’s what they told us!

Ibrahim HarfoushIbrahim Harfoush
Ibrahim HarfoushIbrahim Harfoush
Linked In Profile
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The AW139 B1.3/B2 course has provided me with extensive knowledge and expertise in maintaining and servicing the AW139 helicopter. Through rigorous training, I have gained a deep understanding of the intricate systems, components, and maintenance procedures associated with this remarkable aircraft.
Ahmed Gad
Ahmed Gad
Linked In profile
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... I would like to express my gratitude to the instructors and mentors who shared their invaluable insights and expertise throughout the course. Their guidance and support have been instrumental in helping me enhance my technical skills and develop a comprehensive understanding of the AW139.


We have a calendar with all available dates that you can consult at this link or directly in our app that you can download here.

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English Language Proficiency: Our lessons are conducted in English, therefore, a minimum of ICAO English Level 4 is required.

Yes. Our organization is approved as a CAR-147 – Maintenance Training Organisation by the General Civil Aviation Authority of United Arab Emirates, and as an EASA PART-147 – Maintenance Training Organisation by the Swiss Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA). To view our training approval, please visit this page.

Yes, you can apply as an individual. Our course structure is flexible, allowing us to accommodate single individuals, groups, or company requests.

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